Who We Are

Multi-County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN) is a non-profit organization founded to provide emotional, educational, and material support to cancer patients.  MCCSN also provides financial support to qualifying cancer patients while undergoing treatment.  The organization serves an eight-county area in southern Middle Tennessee: Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Marion, Moore, and Warren counties.  

A Brief History

In January of 1992, approximately 20 people gathered at a local church to discuss the possibility of forming a cancer support group.  In that meeting, the idea to form a group where cancer patients, survivors, and their families and friends could find support from others who understood what they were going through was discussed.

To gauge community interest in the concept, a program was held, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, called "I Can Cope."  The ACS speaker held several meetings focused on the many areas of concern that can face a family when a member is diagnosed with cancer—including, medical, financial, and emotional challenges.  At the end of each meeting,  a cancer survivor or family member shared their own battle with cancer and how they coped.  These survivor talks inspired everyone and reaffirmed the strength of the human spirit.  The program spanned eight weeks and was very successful and drew audiences of 40 to 50 people.  These support meetings continue to be held quarterly.

These meetings and the community's positive reaction confirmed the need for a local cancer support group.  MCCSN's founders met and decided to officially form the Multi-County Cancer Support Network.  The mission was simple:  to provide cancer patients and survivors, their families and friends with emotional, educational, and financial support.  MCCSN has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception.

What We Do

As a non-profit, our ability to provide critical services to cancer patients is dependent on donations and fundraising.  MCCSN has two major, annual fundraising events, a Walk-a-thon and Bill Crawford's Fly Away Cancer—our primary sources of funding.  These services, provided to patients while undergoing treatment, include travel reimbursement and financial assistance with expenses, such as utilities and food.  On loan at the MCCSN office and available to everyone are a resource library, a variety of wigs, caps, prostheses, wheelchairs, etc. 


We have very low administrative costs because we have only two part-time paid staff members (our office manager and office assistant).  These positions are necessary because of the large volume of help requests we constantly receive.  The office manager oversees MCCSN's services and can refer patients to others having similar challenges.  MCCSN publishes a monthly newsletter to keep readers informed of MCCSN’s services and events; it is published by volunteers supervised by the office manager and is available on www.mccsn.org and through regular mail.  To subscribe or receive additional Information, call the office at  931-967-0904 or e-mail mccsn501@att.net.

The MCCSN office is located in the Decherd Presbyterian Church (USA) educational building; the  office entrance is through the double white doors to the right and back of the church.

Phone: 931-967-0904

FAX:  931-967-0920