My name is Bill Crawford and I am a cancer survivor (and a model airplane enthusiast).


In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the throat.  After surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and lymph node I, like many other cancer victims, underwent radiation and chemo therapies and lived with a feeding tube for a year.

I was blessed in that I was finally cleared and deemed cancer free.  Thank you God!  However, I wasn't out of the woods yet: there were a mountain of bills to pay.  I was blessed a second time when friends, family, and several charities helped me honor my obligations and regain a foothold on life-after-cancer.


Like many cancer survivors, I sought ways to repay the many kindnesses I received along my journey to recovery.  I started to research cancer support groups throughout the central Tennessee area and found Multi County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN), based in Decherd, Tennessee.  After speaking with their leadership and some of their clients, I knew they provide the services that meant so much to me.

I decided to combine my love of model airplanes with "paying back" and founded the Fly Away Cancer event and this website.  My objectives are to spread the word of MCCSN's good work, raise cancer impact awareness, recommend that MCCSN is a worthy recipient of your donations and support, and provide cancer patients with much needed support.


The Fly Away Cancer event is an annual fundraising event held for the benefit of MCCSN by the Coffee Airfoilers Club and me at our "airport" in Tullahoma Tennessee every year in April.  The event is family-oriented and features many model airplane activities, such as aerobatics, demonstrations, and lots of entertainment for the kids.  Through sponsorships, raffles, and refreshment sales, we raised $2,885 in 2018 and $6,400 in 2019.  This year's event promises to be even better. 


Please tour this site and learn more about MCCSN, Coffee Airfoilers Model Airplane Club, and the Fly Away Cancer event.

Next event, June 18th, 2022

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Check for $2,885 presented to Multi County Cancer Support Network at 2018 Fly Away Cancer event.


Check for $6,400 presented to Multi County Cancer Support Network at 2019 Fly Away Cancer event.


Check for $4205.00 presented to Multi County Cancer Support Network 2021 event

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Concessions this year will be from  Happy Days Grill, they will be serving a breakfast and Lunch

We have held 3 events since 2018, so far we have raised $13,490 which all goes to help patients in need.